Biscuit and a felted cat head made of Biscuit’s hair

Biscuit and a felted cat head made of Biscuit's hair. Biscuit is lying on the couch, and the cat head is sitting on Biscuit's neck. The cat head is about the size of Biscuit's ear.


When Biscuit realizes there’s a deadline tomorrow…

Biscuit looks very surprised, with his mouth and eyes open. A text bubble says "What??". Actually, Biscuit was just about to yawn.


Yingchen and Biscuit at HFES 2020

A photo of Yingchen and Biscuit, taken at the virtual photo booth of the 64th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Biscuit is sleeping on his cat tree above his name tag, and Yingchen is pointing at him. The banner of the conference appears on the bottom of the photo. There is a “We can do it” sticker on the top of the photo, a red hair bow sticker on the top of Yingchen’s head, and a heart sticker next to Biscuit’s name tag.