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Welcome to the Translational Vision Research Lab!

Our research focuses on vision-related human factors and the impact of eye diseases on them. At the basic science level, we aim to understand the mechanism of visual perception in daily tasks such as reading, object recognition, and navigation. At the practical level, we apply our knowledge about human visual system to the development of training protocols and assistive technology. Some examples of our research topics are:

  • Sensory and cognitive constraints of reading tasks.
  • Visual training and rehabilitation, including video-game training.
  • Brain plasticity following training, long-term vision loss, and the regaining of sight.
  • Prosthetic visual devices.
  • Assistive technology as visual aids.
  • Accessibility of technology for people with visual differences.

Diversity Statement

We embrace diversity and we commit to inclusion. All are welcome here. Join our lab and let your uniqueness shine!